Everyone has their favorite brands, right? Maybe in fashion, it’s Baggit  or  Chemistry.

In food, it could be Nestle or Amul. In drink, you might prefer Pepsi in soda, Amrut in scotch or Amul in Milk. What’s the one thing that these all have in common?

We never refer to them as businesses. We always refer to them as brands.So let’s take it back to basics for a second: What exactly is branding? In it’s simplest form, branding is knowing what to expect.It’s not a logo or a color palette, or a great tag line. 

It’s buying into something and consistently knowing what you’re going to get. Think of some biggest brands, Samsung, Apple, Coco cola, Cafe coffee day, when you have any interaction or involvement with these brands you know what to expect. But you don’t even need to go that big, think of your favorite blogs, your local coffee shop, it isn’t about the scale of your brand, it’s about its authenticity and values. You want your customer to have an natural & prompt reaction of faith and familiarity. They know you, they know your brand.

In my work as a Brand Consultant I work for Clientele who is in journey to become a Brand. As per my knowledge by readings books, articles & case studies about Brands, I think about styling, photography, copy, art direction. Every day I work with images and content that align according to a brand’s values & their target segment. Take an editorial campaign of any brand for e.g. remove the logo and you can still tell who’s story it is. 

Here are some of my top points to consider when trying to turn your business into a brand…

Brand Values


First and foremost before you start anything you need to figure out what your brand values are. These are the foundations of your brand. Ask yourself the following questions to get started…

  • Why did you start?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What values do you hold dear?
  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • How do you want to be perceived?
  • What does your customer expect of you?
  • What makes you special?
  • Where are you headed?
    If you can get some clear answers to these questions then you are on your way to having the framework of your brand’s guidelines and values. Take your answers to these questions and turn them into your mission statement.

From the very beginning, you should be thinking in the long term.
Don’t create your brand based on trends.
Base your brand on what is true to you, be genuine & factual.
Think about the future in everything you do with your brand.
Your brand will develop over time and that’s good, growth and setbacks are essential parts of progress.



Your brand has to be based out of solidarity. You have to be recognisable everywhere, that means online and offline and in everything that you do. Your Instagram account should look attractive as well as appropriate. Your letterheads and business cards should look like your facebook page. Your brand should be visible in everything you do. Your customers should automatically know when they see something from you, it should be habitual, like second nature. If you’re not consistent in the representation of your brand how do you expect your customer to be consistent in their loyalty to it


“Your brand should be apparent in everything you do”

Always remember that it takes a long time to build up customers trust and seconds to lose it.That relationship of trust between your customer and your brand is essential to succeed. The customer has to believe in the message you’re putting out into the world. Is your message real? Without your customers trust, your brand doesn’t exist. Social media has such a lofty nature about it, don’t surrender to it.

Think before you act.

“Remember YOU know your brand. Be honest and true to it.”

Do let me know if I can be of any help for Brand building, Awaiting your response on the above.. I hope it was a good read.